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Today's government IT environment demands secure, regulatory-compliant, and cost-effective technologies for its delivery of distributed services, information and programs. The proper mix of voice, video, collaboration, wireless networking, mobility, and network communications technologies will facilitate meeting these important requirements.

Some typical ATSG engagements in Government include:


ATSG designed, implemented and is supporting a Cisco Collaboration Solution for a state government agency, including an integrated IP telephony system, video conferencing, mobility, e-mail management, instant messaging and presence. The government agencies diverse departments can now easily collaborate and deliver their services to the public more efficiently.

Data Center

ATSG upgraded the contact center at a local government facility, including installing and supporting a new integrated IP Telephony, Unified Messaging and Wireless Networking system. The government facility can now respond faster and better to contacts by its citizens and deliver its services more efficiently.


ATSG performed a security assessment for a local government agency. As a result of the assessment, ATSG was engaged to upgrade the firewalling and network access control system and install a better identity control system. The engagement also included installing security solutions for the agency's employees' mobile devices (BYOD) and software applications.


ATSG designed, implemented and is supporting an upgrade of the IT infrastructure at a local government agency. Legacy networking was upgraded with virtualization and server consolidation, a wireless network was added, and an IP Telephony system was installed. Data and voice communications between the various parts of the government agency have been vastly improved at lower cost, lower power, and smaller equipment footprint.