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Today's manufacturing and distribution IT environment demands fast, secure, and cost-effective technologies for its distributed supply chain planning, control and communications. Careful selection and implementation of computing, storage, network communications, wireless networking, mobility, security, and collaboration technologies must be made to meet these demands.

Some typical ATSG engagements in Manufacturing include


ATSG upgraded the video conferencing system for a large food industry manufacturer with many dispersed locations. The system included a full range of videoconferencing technologies, from fully immersive telepresence rooms, to executive desktop solutions and remote-worker mobile solutions.

Data Center

ATSG relocated and upgraded the data center of a regional government contractor, including virtualization and server consolidation -- while improving network speed and reliability, and reducing equipment footprint. A secure storage system was implemented to comply with federal regulations.


ATSG performed a security assessment for a local pharmaceutical manufacturer. The client followed its recommendations and engaged ATSG to install a video surveillance and physical access control system. As part of the engagement, ATSG also installed an identity and access solution for the computer network.


ATSG designed, implemented and is supporting an upgrade of the IT infrastructure at a local manufacturing company. Legacy networking was upgraded with virtualization and server consolidation, a wireless network was added, and a phone system was upgraded with a Cisco collaboration suite. Data and voice communications between the various departments of the manufacturer have been vastly improved at lower cost, lower power, and smaller equipment footprint.